2015 Fall Classes

December 19 was the last class of the autumn class and the Autumn Class Award Ceremony was a big and eventful class for parents, teachers and students! Together, we held the graduation ceremony and awards ceremony at the GEBIS Toronto Center. In the early morning, teachers, students and parents all arrived, and the tables and chairs were arranged early. The host Lele (also Jiqian School’s senior reading parent and reading teacher) announced that the graduation ceremony had officially begun.  

The children in each class and the parents in the parent class read the classics together. This season, the children have become familiar with the second half of “The Doctrine of the Mean” and afterwards they have also studied part of ” The Analects”. The children in the upper class learned “Wei Zheng No. 2”, the children in the lower class learned “Yan Yuan Twelfth”, and also read the first three articles of “Selected English Classics”. The children in the Analects of Confucius parent-child class read Chapters 1 to 9 of “Xue Er First”. The Analects of the Confucius lower class students read the entire “Advanced Eleventh”. The students in the upper class of the Analects read the whole chapter of “Xue Er First”. The parent class read “Methods of Endorsement in Ancient and Modern Fifth”, and their proficiency was very impressive. They recited the chapters they were familiar with, and read them easily and naturally, winning bursts of applause from other students, teachers and parents. The parents in the parent class were strong as well and learned the five methods of “Ancient and Modern Endorsements” very skillfully.

Some special friends also came. They were the children of Lexue Private School. Teacher Regina, the founder of the Toronto Lexue Private School, once learned the concept of reading education with a parent class in May 2015, then participated in the overseas reading network training, and served as a reading teacher at the Jiqian School Summer Camp. In September of this year, in order to further study and practice the concept of reading education, she founded Lexue Private School and opened an after-school reading class every afternoon. Regina had brought Alexandria, a 9 years old mixed-race child to attend the graduation ceremony. She had been reading the classics for three months, and was able to read and even recite chapters 1 to 5 of “The Great Learning” 1-5. Teacher Regina shared her feelings of participating in teaching children to read the classics, and the host smiled heartily during it. Su Fei gave a speech and recited her poems, and Younger and Zi Ting gave speeches. Yang’s father, Mr. Xueqiang Yang, spoke as a full-time parent, Yilu’s mother, Ms. Aiqing Huang, spoke as the parent of an old student of Jiqian Academy. Volunteer teachers Lucy (Dong Yuan and Zhe Yuan’s mother) and Jing Min (Qi Wen and Wen Wen’s mother) spoke as well.

Then, representatives of teachers, students and parents gave speeches to share their experiences. Fei Su from the lower class of the Analects of Confucius wrote his speech with a picture on the back, and wrote a small poem called “Early Morning” by himself (flowers bloom and birds sing, wind and rain come. The river is clear and the clouds are quiet.) His speech was sincere and kind, which touched every parent present. He lived in Oakville, far away from Toronto, and he was very grateful to his mother who drove him to read the classics every weekend. Ge Yang, the upper class of the Analects (small class), also shared his progress. He said that after reading the classics, he found that his Chinese had improved a lot, and he hoped to be a teacher in the future. In the Analects’ upper class (large class), Ting Zi said frankly that he didn’t like to read the scriptures so much. At first, he was forced to come, but under the leadership of his father, after a long period of persistence, he slowly began to realize, reading a thousand times, that the truth was self-evident.

Later, Mr. Xueqiang Yang Yang’s father, and Ms. Aiqing Huang, Yilu Yang’s mother, also gave speeches. They all felt the benefits of reading the scriptures, and they were very grateful that the school could continue to lead everyone in reading the scriptures. They hoped to continue on this road. In the volunteer sharing session, the Analects’ lower class teacher Lucy Ma, Zhe Yuan and Dong Yuan’s mother shared that she immediately started reading the classics with her children after listening to Professor Wang Caigui. She didn’t stick to other things well, but she insisted on this matter for 8 months, and even her family was surprised! During this period of time, she felt that both her parents and children were making progress, and she was very happy, especially after joining Jiqian Academy, she also took on the volunteer work. Although it was very hard, she felt that she understood the classics better and became more determined!

Teacher Liang from the upper class of the Analects, Wen Wen and Qi Wen’s mother also spoke and shared. As a veteran reading parent and reading teacher at Jiqian Academy, her child reads very well! 300 times in “The Great Learning”, 200 times in “The Doctrine of the Mean”, and more than 100 times in the “Analects of Confucius”. They have gained a lot from such solid reading. Teacher Liang talked about how she learned a lot from doing volunteer work. It seemed that she had paid, but she actually gained. She also encouraged more parents to join the queue of self-sacrifice, volunteer work and teaching assistance! Then came the award ceremony. The Close Classics Award recognized all children who studied hard. The Attendance Award and Closeness Classic Award recognized children who went to class every week, regardless of the weather. The final certificate of reading a hundred times is specially awarded to children who have read parts of “The Great Learning”, “The Doctrine of the Mean” or “The Analects” more than 100 times. The children were excited after getting the certificate of reading more than 100 times. They held their Qianxuetang autumn class completion certificates to take a wonderful picture. We adhere to the philosophy of “reading the scriptures honestly, reading a lot, reading the scriptures early and happily”, and encourage children to do their best to read Chinese and English classics 100, 200, and 300 times, and bravely try to recite them. All these rewards for children were also rewards for parents, teachers, and schools. Spring is another year, and we hope that we can make progress every day and harvest every year!

Finally, everyone watched the wonderful retrospective video of Jiqian School. We started the WeChat group on December 22, 2014, and it had been just one year since the establishment of the group, since the Toronto area has gathered together to read the classics. We had officially opened classes, including spring classes, autumn classes, summer camps and winter camps. The two-hour autumn class graduation ceremony soon ended. GEBIS Toronto Center held a “Happy Vegetarian Show”, everyone had lunch together and then we went home. We are grateful to everyone for their trust in the cause of reading the classics in the past year! Thanks to all parents for their participation and support!


Showcase Video

Film of Autumn Classes Ending

List of Winners this Semester Close Classic Award

The Lower Class of Analects: Luke Yang Chen Yuru Xu Guofan Xu Sufei Yuan Dong Yuan Zhe He Zhuowei Yang Kaiyi Luo Xin
Analects Upper Class (Large Class): Chen Shuangluo Chen Xi Dai Duoduo Dong Siyu Kou Yixin Wang Jiajun Yang Ziting Zeng Fandong Yang Yiran Xu Dafang Feng Yutian Wang Bosen
The Analects of Confucius Upper Class (small class): Chen Xin Dai Jiajia Liu Zimo Yang Hanyue Lin Zizhen Wang Jiaqi Ye Yijie Liu Zhenyu
Parent-child class: Dai Jiahao Li Xinze Yu Jixiang Feng Yuran Wang Yuqi Liu Yongmo Zhao Zhirong Ye Yifei Wu Yulong

Perfect Attendance Award

Fu Chuanqi, Dong Siying, Yang Ge, Yang Yilu, Chen Wenqi, Chen Wenwen, He Wanning, Wang Jiahao, Wang Jiayi, Li Xinru, Zhao Tianjiu

Since the start of school in September, this group has never asked for leave or missed classes. They were amazing, their parents were also amazing, and they worked hard. Sometimes when fathers were not free mothers made it their responsibility to drive and supervise, and vice versas. We are very impressed that they educated their children so well and cultivate a persistent spirit! In the Analects of Confucius, it is called “You Heng”.

Hundred Times Certificate Award

Wu Yulong University over 100 times Wang Jiaqi University studied 100 times and first 100 times
Yang Yiran University 100 times
Yang Yilu University 100 times
Yuan Dong Yuan Zhe University 100 times
Dong Siying and Dong Siyu The Analects for the first 100 times
Wang Jiajun The Analects for the first 100 times
Yang Hanyue The Analects of Confucius and the first and the second full 100 times
Ye Yijie Analects and No. 1 to Liren No. 4 and Tabor No. 8 for 100 times.

Kou Yixin University, No. 1 in Analects, 100 times Lin Zizhen University, the Analects of Confucius, the first full 100 times
Li Xinru Under the Golden Mean, The Analects is the 100th
Fu Chuanqi University No. 1 in Analects, 100 times

Younger University, Golden Mean 100 times
Luke Yang University, the golden mean is over 100 times
Zhao Tianjiu University, the Golden Mean, the Analects of Confucius advanced the eleventh 100th time
Yang Ziting University, Zhongyong, first in Analects, second in politics 100 times

He Zhuowei University, No. 1 in Analects of the Mean, No. 3 in Bayi, No. 4 in Liren 100 times
Wang Jiayi, Wang Jiahao University The Analects of the Mean and the first to the eleventh advanced 100 times
Chen Wenqi, Chen Wenwen University 300 times, Golden Mean 200 times, The Analects of Confucius and first to Wei Linggong 15th, 100 times
Chen Tianxi, Chen Tianyue Xueyong The Analects of Confucius Full book 100 times
He Wanning Xueyong Analects Complete book 150 times

What kind of perseverance is this?! We are looking forward to the future, where the children will continue to report good news and tell us what chapters they have read 100 times. We are also looking forwards to seeing them soon. The children recited Xueyong Analects in notebooks, and it is said that the recitation in notebooks usually needs to be read 300 times for them to be able to recite the Analects.
Moderator: Li Rui
Awards: Pan Jie, Yunxiang
Teachers: Zhuo Yue’e, Cai Yu, Sun Mei, He Diaoqiang, Lucy Ma, Liang Minjing, You Yunhong, Zheng Juying, Zhou Li
Short film production: Pan Jie, Sun Mei
Video: Martin Yu