2015 The First Summer Camp

The Three Character Classic

From July 3rd to July 14th, 2017, the Jiqian School Intensive Scripture Reading Summer Camp was successfully held. A total of 26 children participated. Among them, we are especially grateful to the parents for their enthusiastic support and all teachers and volunteers for their dedication. The children completed the Three-Character Classics together 100 in the past two weeks, though they did not realize that they were catchy at first, through continuous self-breakthrough, even memorized them by the end. Students also learned to read and practiced writing. Through the guidance of the teachers, the children also learn to be filial and grateful, learn to be considerate of their parents’ hard work, and learn how to help with housework to reduce the burden on their parents. Through the blind guide activities, let the children realize the importance of the teacher’s guidance. In addition to reading the scriptures, everyone also did yoga, played games, made biscuits, made crafts, etc. We threw a party to celebrate finishing reading the three-character classics 100 times!


Classes of Previous Years

From July 6, 2020 to July 24, 2020, CFCCE held a three-week Chinese online summer camp of “The Book of Songs” and “Three Character Classic”. Classmates, parents, and teachers from Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and other places all actively participated in the activity, and it was very rewarding for one and a half hours a day. The children learned ten popular and beautiful poems from the “Book of Songs”, the source of Chinese poetry. They also learned the catchy, all-encompassing and popular children’s traditional enlightenment textbook “Three Character Classic”, as well as parts related to the “Three Character Classic” and HSK level three Chinese characters.

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After nearly half a year of intensive preparations, Jiqian academy’s 2019 “filial piety” themed Summer Camp  officially kicked off on July 2. This summer camp is based on “The Book of Filial Piety” as the main theme of reading and explaining. The “Book of Filial Piety” is a rare work that systematically displays the Confucian thought system and is also the core foundation of Confucianism. It describes “filial piety” and the methods and steps to promote it that emperors, princes, princes, officials, scholars, and common people should observe. It is hoped that by guiding the children to learn the spirit of filial piety, they can understand their parents’ good intentions, enhance parent-child relationship, and learn to be considerate about others.    Learn More

2018 Summer Camp “Tao De Jing” Intensive Reading camp lasted from July 2 to August 17. In order to achieve a better teaching effect, teachers from New York, Taiwan, and Toronto gathered together to learn, prepare and teach together. In the classics reading section, the teachers helped the children read and recite the entire 81 chapters of the Tao Te Jing seventy or eighty times. Some chapters can already be memorized by the children. Teacher Yunxiang also explained the key words and sentences in a simple and interesting way, filling the children of curiosity and yearning for this classic full of oriental wisdom.     Learn More

In response to the voices of many parents, Jiqian School organized the first classics reading summer camp from July 6th to July 31st, a total of four weeks. On the first day of the first week, we welcomed this special group of children with great joy. Their ages range from only 4 and a half years old to 13 years old. The children study for three hours a day and finished reading many chapters in “The Great Learning”, “The Doctrine of the Mean” and “Selected English Classics” in four weeks.     Learn More