2016 Spring Classes

Jiqian School’s and GEBIS Markham Chinese Academy Class’ Completion Ceremony and Talent Show was held on June 28. After half a year of hard work, everyone happily went to the closing ceremony of the spring class. What was different this time from the past was that there were also teachers and students from the GEBIS Markham Chinese Academy to organize the activities with us.

Starting off the ceremony, the host, Ms. Linda, gave a welcome speech and played a promotional video of GEBIS Toronto Center. Teacher Jie Pan, the head of GEBIS’ Culture and Education Department, delivered a speech. She expressed her gratitude for the parents, children, and teachers for their hard work, and once again encouraged us to recite the scriptures because it is a great thing to learn from the sages, although it is not easy to do!

Afterwards, everyone performed a classic recitation performance:
 English classic recitation—virtue– and Qian Xuetang students
 Gongye Chang No. 5-Parent-Child Class + Analects Upper Class + Dajue Wanjin Chinese Studies Class
 Yan Yuan No. 12-Lower Class of Analects

After that, we entered the talent show and testimonial sharing session:
 Fall Fair–Violin Performance – Liangduo Xu (Samuel)
 Student testimonials – Tony Ruan, Tianjiu Zhao, Wanning He, Zhenyu Liu
 Mary has a little Lamb-dizi solo – Shangheng Li
 Cello (Cello) Solo – Yingguang Yao
 Yoyo Tricks – Bingzhi Liu
 Parent’s Testimonial – Martin Yu
 Recorder Solo – Luke
 Chanting papaya – Keran Li and brother
 Testimonials from Parents – Andy Ruan
 Testimonials from parents of full attendance students – Yongsheng Chen
 Teacher testimonials – Teacher Li Zhou

Finally, the most exciting moment was the awards and certificates issued for hundreds of times!


List of Winners this Semester

Hundred Times Certificate Award

1. Yu Jixiang “Learning First” 100 times
2. Dai Jiajia “Learning First” 100 times
3. Dai Duoduo “Learning First” 100 times
4. Li Xinru “Learning First” 100 times
5. Li Shangheng “Wei Zheng Second” 100 times
6. Ruan Junning (Owen) “Wei Zheng 2” 100 times
7. Wu Haotian “Gongye Chang Fifth” 100 times
8. Xu Liangduo (Samuel) “Gongye Chang Fifth” 100 times
9. Liu Bingzhi “Shuer Seventh” 100 times
10. Ding Zitong “Tab Eighth” 100 times
11. Ding Yuxuan “Tab Eighth” 100 times
12. Huang Yueting “Tab Eighth” 100 times
13. Liu Zhenyu “Tab Eighth” 100 times
14. Feng Yuran “University” 100 times
15. Zhao Zhirong “University” 100 times
16. Du Haojia “Weizheng Second” and “Bayi Third” 100 times each
17. Wang Jiaqi “The Third of Eight Yons” and “The Fifth of Gongye Chang” 100 times each
18. Meng Qingsong “Yong Ye Sixth” and “Shu Er Seventh” 100 times each
19. Meng Qingbo “Yong Ye Sixth” and “Shu Er Seventh” 100 times each
20. Yang Yilu “University” and “Learning First” 100 times each
21. Yuan Zhe “Advanced Eleventh” and “Yan Yuan 12th” 100 times each
22. Yuan Dong “Advanced Eleventh” and “Yan Yuan 12th” 100 times each
23. Dong Siying “Learning First”, “Political Second” and “Gongye Chang Fifth” 100 times each
24. Dong Siyu “Learning First”, “Political Second” and “Gongye Chang Fifth” 100 times each
25. Wu Yulong “University”, “Learning First” and “Political Second” 100 times each
26. Feng Yutian “University”, “Learning First” and “Political Second” 100 times each
27. Ruan Junyuan (Tony) “Wei Zheng No. 2” to “Gong Ye Chang No. 5” each 100 times
28. Guan Yunjia “Wei Zheng No. 2” to “Gong Ye Chang No. 5” each 100 times
29. Chen Xin 100 times each from “Bayi No. 3” to “Shuer No. 7”
30. Chen Xi 100 times each from “Bayi Third” to “Shuer Seventh”
31. Teacher Peiyao: “Learning First” to “Gongye Chang Fifth” 100 times each
32. Wang Bosen “University”, “Learning First” to “Gongye Chang Fifth” 100 times each
33. Wang Jiajun: “Learning First” to “Yong Ye Sixth” 100 times each
34. Yang Ge 100 times each of “University”, “The Doctrine of the Mean”, “Learning and First” to “Gongye Chang Fifth”
35. He Zhuowei “Wei Zheng No. 2”, “Gong Ye Chang Fifth”, “Yong Ye Sixth”, “Advanced Eleventh” to “Ji’s Sixteenth” 100 times each
36. Chen Keran, “Da Xue”, “Xue Er No. 1” to “Yong Ye No. 6”, “Yan Yuan No. 12” to “Ji Shi No. 16” 100 times each
37. You Shengxun “Methods of Endorsement in Ancient and Modern Times”, “Guidelines for Disciples”, “Dictionary of Radicals”, “Hundred Family Names”, “Zhuzi Governing Family Motto”, “Thousand Characters”
“San Zi Jing”, “The Book of Filial Piety”, “The Great Harmony of Li Yun and Well-off”, “The University”, “Shu Er Seven” 100 times each
38. Luke Yang “University” 120 times; “The Doctrine of the Mean” 110 times; “Di Zi Gui”, “Advanced Eleventh” to “Ji’s Sixteenth” 100 times each
39. Yang Ziting “The Great Learning” and “The Doctrine of the Mean” 120 times each; “Xue Er No. 1” to “Shu Er No. 7” each 100 times
40. Yao Yingguang “Yongye Sixth” 200 times; “Shuer Seventh” 150 times; “Taber Eighth” 100 times
41. Xia Mengxuan 120 times each of “Xue Er No. 1” to “Gong Ye Chang No. 5”; “Yong Ye No. 6” and “Shu Er No. 7” each 150 times
42. Lin Zizhen 150 times each from “Xue Er First” to “Gong Ye Chang Fifth”; 100 times each from “Yong Ye Sixth” to “Tab Eighth”
43. Zhao Tianjiu “The Great Learning” and “The Doctrine of the Mean” 150 times each; “The Analects” 120 times; “Thousand-Character Wen” and “Di Zi Gui” 100 times each
44. He Wanning “Laozi” full text 180 times The following children are currently in the United States or China, led by Yunxiang’s certificate:
45. Wang Jiayi “Xueyong Analects” 120 times
46. Wang Jiahao “Xueyong Analects” 120 times
47. Chen Wenwen “Xueyong Analects” 150 times “Laozi” (chapters 1-58) 150 times
48. The full text of Chen Wenqi’s Laozi 170 times
49. Chen Tianxi “Xueyong Analects” 200 times “Laozi” 150 times
50. Chen Tianyue “Xueyong Analects” 200 times “Laozi” full text 150 times

Perfect Attendance Award

Li Shangheng, Guan Yunjia, Wu Yulong, Chen Xi, Chen Xin

Certificate of Recitation in Package

He Wanning “Xueyong Analects” package recitation; Chen Wenqi “Xueyong Analects” package recitation; Teacher Wu Ping “Xueyong Analects” package recitation
In the end, the host made a closing speech and announced the charity and charity sale. Teacher Yunxiang introduced the schedule of the summer camp and the opening time of classes in September.