2015 Classics Reading Winter Camp

We held a five-day intensive reading winter camp from January 3rd to January 7th, 2017 at Jiqian School. A total of 22 children participated in learning and 8 teachers participated in the teaching. There were also administrative volunteers, including 7 caring parents, 4 accompanying parents and 6 restaurant staff; a total of 25 staff participated in this winter camp. It was very amazing and the children were very fortunate.

We are very happy and grateful to every teacher and fellow practitioners. With the dedication and devotion of loving parents and with everyone’s unity, the five-day camp was successfully completed, and once again witnessed the moving scene of a group of people supporting a group of people to learn. From the graduation ceremony on January 7th, there were smiles on the faces of the teachers and students. The camp felt like it was co-organized by the teachers and students, which is very valuable. Thank you all. It is reflected in these few aspects:
1. After reviewing Da Xue 50 times and the Analects 1-5 about 25 times, the children gained a deeper understanding of the content of the traditional Chinese culture Confucian classics. Several children can already recite the full text of Da Xu, or 1-5 of the Analects.
2. The full-time reading of the Chinese classics improved the children’s ability to withstand the reading time and strengthened perseverance and concentration.
3. Children’s literacy skills were enhanced through word cards and writing, making them more interesting.
4. The English classic, teachers promised to inspire children to learn to always see the positive side of things.
5. Learned to sing “Tomorrow’s Song” and guided children to cherish time and have dreams to do it down-to-earth in time!
6. Through the guidance of life practice, in addition to learning the concepts of loving children and taking care of children, organic health in the classroom, children learned to be grateful to others, drew gratitude cards, and also made biscuits and cleaned up. Step by step, they learned to be grateful and to cherish good luck and the spirit of filial piety.
7. The overall school environment is the best example. We believe we have left a subtle impact on the children and will greatly help the development of their personality — a kind and tolerant teacher, a sister who has the patience to take care of the younger brother reading the classics, an elder brother who helped turn the book and read, and the adults who took care of them with enthusiasm. The overall atmosphere was peaceful and warm.

I am grateful to the parents for their enthusiastic participation, so that everyone can have the opportunity to work hard together to learn how to embody and preserve the beautiful qualities of mankind. We are grateful to the parents for their enthusiastic participation, so that everyone can have the opportunity to work hard together to learn how to embody and preserve the beautiful qualities of mankind. What we want to admire most is this group of little angels, who did not fear the severe cold of minus 12 degrees, came to participate in the seemingly boring reading business during the holiday, insisted on studying without asking for leave and not leaving halfway, and also giving up other interest classes on Saturday to persist in reading the scriptures, this kind of spirit is not often seen in the modern environment. Once again, I am grateful to the parents for their support. Let us all walk hand in hand to create a better future for these respectable children!

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Classes of Previous Years

After nearly half a year of intensive preparations, Jiqian academy’s 2019 “filial piety” themed Summer Camp  officially kicked off on July 2. This summer camp is based on “The Book of Filial Piety” as the main theme of reading and explaining. The “Book of Filial Piety” is a rare work that systematically displays the Confucian thought system and is also the core foundation of Confucianism. It describes “filial piety” and the methods and steps to promote it that emperors, princes, princes, officials, scholars, and common people should observe. It is hoped that by guiding the children to learn the spirit of filial piety, they can understand their parents’ good intentions, enhance parent-child relationship, and learn to be considerate about others.

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On December 30-31, 2019 and January 2-4, 2020, we held the “Chinese Characters in the Classics” Winter Camp. From many classics (“Xueyong Analects”, “Di Zi Gui”), 11 very meaningful words were selected from the excerpts from the Tao Te Ching, the Book of Filial Piety, etc., and the scriptures in various related classics were taught to children, so that children know that they should want to have a happy, safe and beautiful life. In regards to Tao, Virtue, Mind and Harmony, we must use the correct methods that conform to the Dao (sincere, prudence, faith, and kindness), and these methods need to be taught to us by the saints with full life experience.      Learn More

From January 2nd to January 4th, 2019, 29 children participated in the three-day winter camp held by Jiqian School. The children were divided into two classes according to the amount of literacy: interest class and expansive learning class. Teachers use various methods of entertaining and learning to select seven very meaningful characters from various classics. The scriptures in the related classics are taught to the children, so that children know that if they want to get the happy, peaceful and beautiful things in life.     Learn More

The camp took place over a course of eight days from December 26 to December 29, 2017 and January 1st to January 5th, 2018. In this winter camp, the “Hundred Family Names” and “Motto” were learned. There were quite a few children who participated in this winter camp, and there were also a few children who came from the United States. After two weeks of study, under the leadership of Teacher Caiyu and loving fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers, everyone was able to recite them easily, which was a joyful accomplishment.     Learn More

From December 21st to 23rd and December 28th to 30th, 2015, Jiqian School held a 6-day classic reading winter camp. A total of 29 children participated. The children learn “Thousand Characters” together, reciting it 100 times collectively, totaling 100,000 words! We hope that through the recitation of the traditional official script version of “Thousand Characters”, a deep memory of these thousand traditional characters and the font of the official script would have been formed.
In addition to intensive reading of the scriptures, we also had a unique link-life education course. Learn More