2017 Fall Classes

On December 16, 2017, it was a snowy day and the weather outside was extremely cold. Even so, it could not resist the enthusiasm of the teachers and students of Jiqian School. We all went indoors for the 2017 autumn closing ceremony. The host of the graduation ceremony was Teacher Wen Yun from the parent-child class and Teacher Jerry from the youth class. They introduced the event and took everyone to the four prayers. Next, Ms. Yunxiang, the founder of Jiqian School, gave a speech. Watching the growth of Jiqian Academy step by step, she was full of emotion. From the initial number of more than a dozen people, we grew to more than 60 students per semester today. The students who stopped to join in were all very important. Everytime she encountered parents and students who are confused on the way of reading the scriptures, she patiently guided them to understanding. Every time, she was a leader who silently contributed to and supported the school. To the school, she is like a patriarch, taking care of this big family.

Then came the performances of each class. The first performance was the parent-child class performance. The parent-child class was a recital by parents and children. Seeing all the parents’ faces filled with smiles, you could tell how happy and proud they were to have fun with the children. Reading education starts with youth. The younger the child is, the easier it is for them to accept our classic culture. The younger you are in contact with our classic essence, the closer you are to being a complete person. The Mencius class is considered to be the advanced class of the Jiqian School. The children there could speak and recite. They had the strongest literacy and endorsement skills. Luke in their class performed a Christmas song with ukulele, which was great. Then, Tony from the youth class gave a speech, and talked about his reading process along the way. He was a child who spoke like a “little adult”. During his interaction with Teacher Jerry, his speech amused many parents and teachers. His speech ended with a performance of a violin performance, which was amazing. Finally, the calligraphy classwork was displayed. In order to accompany her daughter to the calligraphy class every Saturday, a mother also signed up for the calligraphy class by herself. Through a semester of serious study, both mother and daughter gained a lot. All the calligraphy works show the so-called progress and growth together. We believed that this kind of mother-daughter friendship will be even better.

Next, the parents and teachers recited the “The Third Bayi” together. Watching these parents and teachers speak these recitations made us very proud. These are inseparable from the usual basic skills and it was enough to see the hard work of the parents and teachers, and a few children who also followed their parents to recite on the same stage, which was really good as parents who lead by example can bring out such children. Next was the exchange and sharing session. The first one to appear is the mother of Yiwen Wang, from the new Analects class. She was a very attentive mother. You could also see her experience sharing on the wall of Jiqian School. In the audience was Yiwen Wang’s father. He was holding his second child and looked on very seriously. His eyes were filled with praise and he gave his best support to his wife. In the past two and a half years, the ones who had grown the most were not the children, but our teachers and parents. In the process of accompanying their children to grow up, they learned how to lead by example and realized that they were the best role models for their children. They learned to observe merits and graces, constantly empathize with them, and have a better understanding of their children in order to have better harmony. It is truly successful if the love between parents and children is brought into the heart of the children. For children, there were new breakthroughs in learning. This was shown to them through the learning results and awards.



Hundred Times Awards

Parent-Child Analects Class

1. Zhao Zhirong University 200, filial piety 100, the Analects of Confucius first, the second 100 for politics
2. Sun Ming’s Analects is the first 100 times
3. Fan Yanchu The Analects of Confucius, the first 150 times, the second 120 times for politics
4. Li Xinze Analects “Learning First” 105 times
5. Jin Meixi The Analects of Confucius, the first 100 times, the second 100 times for politics, and the “Sanzi Jing” 150 times

The Analects of Confucius New Class

1. Liu Zimo “Study and First”, “Political Second”, “Bayi Third”, “Liren Fourth” have all been over a hundred times.
2. Liu Yongmo “Study and First”, “Political Second”, “Bayi Third”, “Liren Fourth” have all been done a hundred times.
3. Wang Yiwen’s “University” 120 times, “The Doctrine of the Mean” 120 times, Analects “Study and First”, “Government Second”, “Bayi Third”, “Liren Fourth” 100 times, 11 selected English classics 100 times
4. Jiang Yiyang, “Study and First”, Governing the Second”, “Bayi Third”, Kunliren Fourth” 100 times.
5 selected English classics 100 times 5. Sun Ying University 50 times Laozi 50 times Doctrine 80 times The Analects of Confucius from the beginning to Gongye Chang 15 chapters 100 times
6. Meng Qingsong 100 times of “University” 100 times of “The Book of Filial Piety” 100 times of “The Analects of Confucius” 100 times of “learning first”.
7. Meng Qingbo “The Book of Filial Piety” Chapter 1 to Chapter 4 100 times “The Analects of Confucius” “learning first” 100 times
8. Huang Yueting’s “University” 168 times, “The Doctrine of the Mean” 104 times, the English classic “A tale of two cities” 100 times, “I remember, I remember” successfully passed through the barriers, “The Analects” was the first 110 times, and was the political first Two hundred times, BaYu third 114 times, Liren fourth 168 times, Tabor eighth 110 times, Zihan ninth 111 times, Xiangdang tenth and 100 times.
9. Li Xue “Study and First” 105 times, “Liren Fourth” 105 times, 5 English classics 100 times each.
10. Li Rui’s “Learning First” 105 times, “Liren Fourth” 105 times, 5 English classics 100 times each.
11. Lin Zimei “The Great University” 128, “The Doctrine of the Mean” 100, “The Analects of Confucius” is the first 100, the second 100 for politics, and the third for Bayi
12. Feng Yuchen University 100
13. The first two chapters of Jin Meitong’s “The Analects” 100 times
14. Huang Tianshi’s first four chapters of the Analects have been over a hundred times
15. Li Ruiheng learns first 100 times
16. He Qianwei: “Learning First”, “Political Second”, “Bayi Third”, “Liren Fourth” are all over 100
17. Wang Qianyi’s “The Third Eight Yi” 100 times
18. Yang Yueyue’s “University” and “The Doctrine of the Mean” have been over a hundred times, and the first four chapters of “The Analects of Confucius” “Study and First”, “Weizheng Second”, “Bayi Third”, “Liren Fourth” 100 times each , “Chinese and Western Civilization Contrasted”, “The Ideal Democracy”, “The Road not Taken”, “Fire and Ice”, “Report on the Miracle of Dunkirk”, “Fog” 100 times each
19. Liu Darui, “Learning First” 100 times, “Eight Qiao Third” 100 times, “Liren Fourth” 100 times
20. Shen Jiayin, “Xueer”, “Weizheng”, “Bayi”, “Liren” 100 times
21. Ruan Junning “Wei Zheng Second” 100 times


The Analects Intensive Class

1. Feng Yutian Feng Yuran The Analects of Confucius Chapter 1 to Chapter 6 100 times each
2. Dylan University 100 times, the Analects of Confucius first to tenth 100 times, the disciple rules 100 times
3. Du Haojia learned 160 times for the first time, 152 times for the government, 175 times for the third, Liren fourth and 100 times, Gongyechang fifth and 100 times, advanced eleventh 100 times, Yan Yuan tenth Two hundred times, Zilu thirteenth 100 times, Xianwen fourteenth 100 times, Jishi sixteenth 100 times, Yanghuo seventeenth 100 times, and three-character classics 100 times
4. Dong Siying 5 English classics Chinese and Western Civilization Contrasted, The Ideal Democracy, The Road Not Taken, Fire and Ice, Report in The Miracle of Dunkirk, Fog 100 times each
5. Yang Hanyue, Dizigui University Analects 1-11 and 16, English Classics 20-27, 100 each
6. Xu Yuehui: Filial Piety, University, Tao Te Ching, 1000-character essay 100 times each


Mencius Class

1. Zhao Tianjiu’s disciple rules 120, Thousand-character essay, 64 hexagrams in the Book of Changes, Mencius and Lianghui Wang went to Tengwen Gong for 100 each, Tengwen Gong went to Wanzhangxia 120, University 210, Golden Mean, The Analects 150, a total of 32 selected English classics 100 times
2. He Zhuowei Xueyong Analects 120, Thousand-character Analects 100, Mencius Liang Hui Wang went up to Teng Wengong 100, 32 English classics 100.
3. Wang Jiajun: 120 disciples, Mencius, Tengwen Gongxia 100, University 110, Golden Mean, Analects 110, 32 English masterpieces 100.
4. Yuan Dong, Zhongyong University, 100 times each, the Analects of Confucius advanced 11, Yan Yuan 12, learned first 100 times each 5. Yuan Zhe, Zhongyong
University, 100 times each, the Analects of Confucius advanced eleven, Yan Yuan twelve, learned first 100 times each
6. Yang Ge: 100 times for disciple rules, 100 times for University, Doctrine, Analects of Confucius, 100 times for Mencius Liang Huiwen to Teng Wengong

Serious Thinking Award
Perseverance Study Award

Yang Yiran, Guan Yunjia, Yang Kaiyi, Xu Tianneng, Dong Siyu, He Wanning, Ruan Junwen Wang Yiran, Shi Aili, He Yutong, Eason Wang, Zhou Yiding, Ruan Junxi, Ruan Youlan, Wu Jiayi, and Li Ruiting, Lu Keqin Yang Yao Huang Yuran
In order to lead the Saturday reading classes, many of the teachers studied the classic connotations 2-3 times a week to understand the classic connotation. It’s very impressive, thanks to Yunxiang, Zheng Juying, Xiong Mei, Caiyu, Yang Ruochong, Sun Mei, Wang Yunwen, Zhang Zuoyi, Wang Cong and other teachers for their hard work, and Zhou Li, who was unable to be there to prepare lunch for everyone, Teacher Zhou Yan, Teacher Cheng Li.

In addition to the beloved teachers, we were also grateful to the lovely volunteers, parents, brothers and sisters. They helped maintain the order of the classroom, helped students turn through books, took care of children and distributed snacks, helped calm children’s emotions when they were uncomfortable, etc. They were the backbone of the stable development of Jiqian School.

We have seen the growth of Jiqian School in the past three years through the film. From 2014 to the present, there have been hardships and laughter, efforts and gains, grievances and touching moments. Thanks for the journey, silent efforts have been made. Parents and teachers were also grateful to our angelic children. If it were not for everyone’s joint efforts, we would not have been able to go so far, so thank you.

After the graduation ceremony, we also carefully designed and prepared rich and interesting classic party activities for the adults and children, and the children had a great time.

Finally, we would like to thank all the parents and staff who participated in our school’s program in their busy schedule. Thank you to all the caring parents, brothers and sisters for their support, to the school teachers for their selfless dedication year after year, and to all the students for their hard work. We hope we will all get better and better next semester, and continue to walk together. Thanks everyone!