2017 Spring Classes2017 Spring Classes

Congratulations to the 2017 spring semester students for successfully completing this semester! Go to higher heights!
From snowy winters to scorching summer, another spring semester is over! On June 17, 2017, all teachers, students and parents of Jiqian Academy gathered at the GEBIS Toronto Center to celebrate another milestone in the children’s long journey of reading the classics!

People Worthy of Gratitude

Since the first class of Jiqian School started in May 2015, we have spent two full years hand in hand. In the past two years, it would not have been possible to go smoothly without so many people. We are all very, very grateful.

We are grateful to the two mentors for their great help to Qian School:

One is a monk. We are grateful to the Great Enlightenment Toronto Center for the material and spiritual support and encouragement given to Jiqian School!

The other is Professor Wang Caigui, who continuously guides, encourages and humbly moves us forward without fear of difficulties!

We are grateful to Mr. Wang and Dr. Mei Yang for their 2015 North American tour lectures, bringing the concepts of overseas reading and 10 years of overseas practice into Canada and presenting them to us, so that those of us who have hindsight could witness the original overseas Chinese children. This method could be used to learn and inherit Chinese and Western cultures, and Eastern and Western classics at the same time, so as to benefit people here.

We are grateful for the good friends who have stayed with and progressed with Jiqian Academy in these two years! We are especially grateful for the many teachers and volunteers who have helped out in the entire 2 and a half years. A total of 68 people joined our WeChat group for volunteer work and participated in the classics reading class. No matter how many times some people have been here, we are very grateful that they came to help when we needed people most in the school throughout week after week of intensive activities. Without the help and participation of these volunteers and teachers, there would be no Jiqian School. We are so grateful for everyone’s help.

We would also like to thank all parents for their unconditional love and trust in the school. Some very dedicated parents were quite selfless and gave so much support to the school! In particular, their persistence and spirit in helping to implement the number of times the children go home to read the scriptures was extremely touching! Through the positive progress and growth of dozens of children, the gratitude of parents and various feedback, we were once again inspired to persist along the way!

We also want to be especially grateful to these lovely, innocent children! The children’s filial piety and consideration deeply moved us. It is not easy for them. In an English-speaking country, they are still learning these ancient scriptures. We cherish each of them very much because we think they are too precious!

Showcase Video - Semester Review


Growth in the Past Two Years

In the past two years, it was not the children who have grown the most, but the teachers and parents. In the process of accompanying the children to grow up, they learned how to change from having strict requirements to having strict self-discipline, learned how to lead by example, read the scriptures by themselves, learned how to lower their bodies and think for the children, and learned how to observe children’s merits and merits. Attendance, constantly improving the understanding of children, having harmonious relationships with children, enhancing feelings, and getting closer to children’s hearts is not easy. The children also made great progress. Just look at our long and long list of awards this semester!


List of Winners this Semester

Full Time Attendance Award

Analects class: Guan Yunjia, Dong Siyu, Dong Siying
Moderate Class: Evan Wang, Yang Yueyue
Full Attendance Parent Award: Cao Yan

Hundred Times Certificate Award

Parent-child class:
He Peiying “University” 200 times
Meng Qingsong “University” 100 times, “Book of Filial Piety” 100 times
Meng Qingbai “The Book of Filial Piety” Chapter 1-6 100 times
Feng Yuran, ≪The Classic of Filial Piety≫100 times
Feng Yuchen ≪The Classic of Filial Piety≫100 times
Zhao Zhirong University 100, Chapter 100 of Filial Piety 1-13


Moderate Class

He Huiru, 120 times of “University” He Peixuan, 120 times of “The University”
Evan “University” 100 times, “The Doctrine of the Mean” 100 times, Disciple Rules 100 times
OWEN RUAN, the second 100 times in politics
Yang Yueyue University The Golden Mean 100 times
English The Declaration of Independence, Farewell Address, Ode to a Nightingale, I Remember, I Remember, Sonnets from the Portuguese, A Psalm of Life 100 times.
He Qianwei Zhongyong (Chapter 25) “The Way of Heaven and Earth” is over. 100 times
Lin Zimei “University” 100, “The Golden Mean” 100 Huang Yueting University 157 times, Golden Mean 100 times, Analects Tabor eighth 110 times, Zihan ninth 111 times, Xiangdang tenth 100 times, English classic A tale of Two City 100 times, I remember, I remember successfully passed through the barriers.
Liu Zhenyu “The Great University” and the first half of “The Doctrine of the Mean” 100 times
Liu Darui The Mean Chapter 32 100 times English I remember I remember 100 times
Sun Ying Zhongyong first half 100 times.
Hugo University The Analects of the Mean 150 times,
Mencius 100 times, Laozi 100 times, TCM health enlightenment 100 times

Analects Class

Chen Xi: “The Great University” 100 times, “The Analects” Chapter 1-11 100 times
Chen Xin: “The Great University” 200 times, “The Book of Filial Piety” 100 times, “The Analects” Chapter 1-8 200 times, Chapter 9-11 100 times
Yang Ziting “The Analects of Confucius” learns 100 times each to the 13th Zilu and the 17th Yanghuo, and 100 times the Daxue
Tony Ruan “The Analects of Confucius” learning and the first to the sixteenth Ji’s 100 times each
Dai Duoduo, “The University” 100; “The Analects” learns first / is the second in politics 100; “Apollo the Musician” 100
Dai Jiajia “University” 100; “The Analects of Confucius” is the first in learning / second in politics 100; “Apollo the Musician” 100 Dong Siyu, “University” 100 times, “A tale of Two Cities”, “I Died for Beauty” and “I Look into My Glass” 100 times
Dong Siying “University” 100 times, “A tale of Two Cities” “I Died for Beauty” “I Look into My Glass” 100 times
Feng Yutian≪The Analects of Confucius≫The first to fifteenth chapters 100 times Li Xinru The Analects 1~5 100 times
“Address at Gettysburg”, “I Died for Beauty”, “A Tale of Two Cities” 100 times
Yao Yingguang Analects 6th~~18th 100 times
Xiaomi Dylan Analects and the first to the Xiangdang 100 times
Yang Yilu Analects 1st to 8th 100 times, 100 times in university.
Xia Mengxuan’s Analects of Confucius first to sixteen 100 times each, and selected English classics twenty-fourth to twenty-seventh 100 times each.
Younger: The Analects of Confucius and the first to the eighth of Taber, the fourteenth to the eighteenth of the constitutional question, the eighteenth of the trinity, 100 times, and 100 times for each of the disciples, universities, and the mean
You Shengxun: Disciple Rules, Radical List, Hundred Family Names, Zhu Zi’s Family Motto, Thousand-Character Essay, Three-Character Classic, Chapter 1-18 of the Book of Filial Piety, Datong and Xiaokang, University, Doctrine of the Mean, Analects 1-17. 100 times each
Yang Hanyue: 100 times for disciple rules, 100 times for university, 100 times for the Analects 1~11&16, 100 times for English classics 20~27
Du Haojia is first in learning, second in politics, third in Bayi, eleventh in advanced, twelfth in Yan Yuan, fourteenth in Xianwen, sixteenth in Ji family, and seventeenth in Yanghuo 100 times each
Wu Yulong University, the Analects of Confucius first, second, eleventh, fourteenth 100 times
Aiden Wu Analects Question 14
150 times of Wang Jiajun University, 100 times of the Golden Mean, 100 times of the first to seventeenth chapters of the Analects Guan Yunjia is the first in learning, second in politics, third in Bayi, eleventh in advance, sixteenth in Jishi, I Remember, I Remember, I died for Beauty, I look into my glass 100 times each.

Mencius Class

Yang Kaiyi: “Mencius” Liang Huiwang chapter sentence up and down 100 times, Gongsun Chou chapter sentence up 1-7 each 100 times. “The Analects” 17-20 100 times each.
English’Ode to the Nightingale’,’He Remember, I Remember’ 100 times each
Luke Yang. University, Doctrine of the Mean, Lower Analects, Di Zi Gui, Mencius Liang Hui Wang, 100 times each.
Yuandong University Doctrine of the Mean 120 times The Analects 1-12 100 times. Mencius, Gongsun Chou, 100 times
Yuan Zhe University Golden Mean 120 times The Analects 1-12 100 times. Mencius, Gongsun Chou, 100 times
He Zhuowei University The Analects of the Mean 120 times, Mencius Lianghui
Wangzhang sentence up and down, Gongsun Chouzhang sentence up and down 100 times, English classics from Apollo the musician to Appeal to America 22 articles 100 times
Zhao Tianjiu University Analects of the Mean 150, disciple Gui Qianziwen 100, Mencius Lianghui Wang
Shangxia, Gongsun Chou Shang, Tengwen Gongxia, Li Lou Shangxia, Wan Zhang Shangxia 100.
There are 18 classics in English ranging from apollo the musician to the tale of two cities, with over 100.

Persist in Learning Award

Parent-child class: Dai Jiahao, Li Xinze, Shang Yi Andy, Sun Ming, Wang Yiran, Yu Jixiang, Zhou Houde, Shen Jiayin
Moderate Class: Zhou Mingde Zheng Changhai
Analects Class: Xu Yuehui Zheng Changdi

Classic Breakthrough Award

Moderate Class:
1. Liu Zhenyu’s “The Doctrine of the Mean”, “Destiny is the prerogative of sex” to “a villain without fear”
2. Yang Yueyue’s “The Doctrine of the Mean”, “The destiny of nature” to “the villain without fear”, “Zi said: “The King of Wu”” to “Governing the country is like showing all palms”, full text of “University”
3. Huang Yueting “English Classic”, “I Remember, I Remember”
4. He Qianwei “The Doctrine of the Mean”, “The Way of Heaven and Earth” to “Pure and Endless” ~ “To the End” (End of the Mean)


Analects Class

1. Guan Yunjia “University” Full Text
2. Yang Hanyue “Address at Gettysburg”, “A Tale of Two Cities”, “I Died for Beauty”, “A Psalm of Life”, “I Look into my Glass”
3. Young “I Died for Beauty”
4. Wang Jiajun “I Look into my Glass”
5. Tony’s Fifteenth
6. Li Xinru “I Died for Beauty”


Mencius Class

1. Yuan Dong, under King Liang Hui, King Qi Xuan asked the widow to be lustful
2. Zhuo Wei I Remember, I Remember

Hard Working Teachers and Volunteers

Let us pay tribute to the teachers who worked hard every week and take their students to break the ice and pick up garbage and the staff and volunteers who were busy in the kitchen!
After the award ceremony, we also carefully designed and prepared rich and interesting classic party activities for adults and children. Look, the children are having fun!
Thank you for your enthusiastic participation! Looking forward to seeing each of you back!