2018 Fall Classes

December 15, 2018 was the last class of the autumn semester of Jiqian School. At the closing ceremony, each class with the children, the parents who accompanied them, and the teachers began to summarize the learning of this semester. First of all, the teachers issued a hundred certificate awards in each class, commented and summarized the highlights and strengths of each child, and gave them small gifts representing the love of the teachers.

Showcase Video - Semester Review


Parent-Child Class

Ten children, Zhirong, Yiran, Yolanda, Yiying, Chen Ye, Yanchu, Hanning, Yihan, Kaiqi and Dingyou attended the graduation ceremony accompanied by their parents. The first half of the graduation ceremony was held in the classroom. The teacher first led everyone to read chapters 1 to 25 of “The Analects of Confucius-Shuer Seven”. Parents and children read the previous chapters together, and only the children read the latter chapters. The children showed their parents the results of this semester with a beautiful recital performance. This semester, the parent-child class has read Chapters 9 to 28 of “The Analects of Confucius-Yong Ye Sixth” and the entire content of “Shu Er Seven”, a total of 1353 words. Every child performed well. The teacher praised the children one by one.

Yolanda in her last few lessons also began to read aloud, with a clear, standard, and loud voice. As well, she often cleaned the classroom before class, and helped teachers send snacks and collect garbage between classes. Yiying was able to sit down in class and persist until the end of class, and she became more and more focused on reading. She made great progress and was able to read out loud with confidence and read to the whole class. Ye Chen worked very hard and was self-disciplined. He was very focused on reading the scriptures in class, actively leading, and reading the scriptures with the loudest voice. He also actively participated in activities such as word recognition cards. When Yanchu was reading the scriptures, he carefully followed the words from beginning to end, listened attentively, answered questions actively, and was the fastest and most literate. He always came to find the teacher in the breaks between classes. Hanning sat next to his mother most of the time in class and listened carefully. He actively participated in literacy activities. He always shared his snacks with his fellow classmates, smiled generously to everyone and warmed the surroundings like a little sun. Yihan also tried to read the scriptures, and every time he worshiped Confucius, he was respectful, and he was able to lead everyone in Confucian salutes. Yi Han always greets and says goodbye to the teachers, which is very heartwarming. Kaiqi has made a lot of progress. She could only stay in the classroom for a while on the first day, but now she could stay in the classroom most of the time to listen to everyone reading the scriptures. Her big bright eyes are full of curiosity about reading the classics. Dingyou is a quiet, lovely baby. In class, he always looked at everyone in the classroom and listened carefully to everyone reading the scriptures. Junxi always had a bright smile on his face, always sitting in his seat in class and never disturbed others in class. Every time he went to class, he read the scriptures for a longer period of time. Ziyi is the youngest baby in our class. Although he can’t sit down for a long time, he doesn’t walk around, only moves around his father or mother, and doesn’t cry.

In the 12 classes of this semester, Yiying, Yihan and Zhirong were full attendance, Yanchu, Hanning and Kaiqi only missed one class, and Yiran, Chenye and Youlan only missed two classes. Most children have a high attendance rate. The teacher also issued a hundred certificates to Yiran, Yanchu and Zhirong, and gave prizes to every child.

One semester passed, and the teacher was proud of every child’s achievement and progress. Let’s continue to work hard together to reach a higher level in the next semester!

Head Teacher: Li Cheng Teaching Assistant: Mei Sun

Moderate Class

Fourteen students and several parents attended the closing ceremony. There are thirty-three chapters in the full text of “The Doctrine of the Mean”. There are three thousand five hundred and sixty-eight characters without punctuation. After the efforts of teachers and students, they had already completed the content of the twenty-five chapters.

After paying homage to the portrait of Confucius, the classmates read part of the content of this semester, from “the destiny of nature” to “its success, one thing.” The words, the proverbs, and the classic chapters are among the children. It flowed out loud and sound, so beautiful, so that each of us was filled with joy. Afterwards, Ms. Chen made a comment summary for each child, and summed up the students’ performance throughout the semester in a fair and objective manner. The good aspects encouraged the children to continue and carry forward, and the aspects that needed improvement were conveyed in hopes that the children would improve. Every comment was full of the teacher’s care and concern.

Next, the list of perfect attendance awards and 100-pass certificates was announced. The nine students of the full attendance award are Jingyao Li, Jinghui Li, Xingjia Lu, Chuliang Wen, Yulong Hao, Yiyang Jiang , Yiran Wang, Yixin Wang, and Jiayin Shen. The eight students of the Hundred Certificate Award are Xingjia Lu, Jiayin Shen , Yiyang Jiang, Haojia Du , Yulong Wu, Chuliang Wen, Jiayi Jiang, and Jiayue Jiang.

The parents present also shared their children’s reading experience and methods at home. It was noticed that students who can complete a hundred times in earnest have two common characteristics, that is, the children themselves are more conscious and patient, and the other is that the parents attach importance to the reading of the scriptures and the attention and companionship of the children. What made the students most happy was the prize-receiving part. In order to encourage every child who came to read the scriptures, the prizes were not graded. Everyone had a share, and all the children were very happy.

Looking forward to the next semester, we will continue to gather and be humble, recite the classics with joy and cultivate our character.

Head teacher: Hui Chen Teaching Assistant: Xiufang Gu

Mencius Class

Attendance: Dong Yuan , Zhe Yuan, Siying, Ming Qi, Jun Jia, Ge Yang, Zhujie

The main content was the general review and issuing a hundred certificates and summary comments. Three teachers (Mencius Class One and Class Two), seven students and two parents gathered together to witness the achievements and efforts of the students. There were ten students in the two classes of Mencius this semester. Each student made great progress in different aspects, and the completion of weekly homework was also very good. Seven students obtained a hundred times certificate of Chinese and English classics. Five other students won the perfect attendance award. This was not only the hard work of the classmates, but also the result of the endless love and patience of parents. The teacher was really proud of everyone, and sincerely thanked all the parents for their hard work. May we encourage each other to continue to accompany each other on the way of reading the classics, and we look forward to seeing you next semester!

Comments: Zhuo Wei: This semester the teacher found that your recognition and reading are getting faster and faster, and your pronunciation is getting more and more standard. Thank you for completing your homework seriously in every class. Please keep this kind of persistence. The teacher is also looking forward to the publication of your airplane book soon!

Yuan Zhe: You surprised the teacher so much with your progress! You can read so well now, and you basically don’t need other people’s help, which is great! The teacher is proud of you!

Yuan Dong: You have always been the schoolmaster of the class. Whether you are reading, writing, recognizing, or solitaire, you can’t be troubled by anything. You are very sensible and stable. The teacher really likes you. Your Chinese level is very high, you will continue to learn and become the number one student of our school!

Hanyue: This semester is the first time the teacher has met you. It turns out that you are such a very well-behaved and sensible little girl. The teacher can’t forget the first time a snack was given. You carefully discovered that the teacher had no fruit and you passed your own to the teacher and said that you did not want to eat it. Your reading is proactive and accurate, the teacher really likes you!

Siying: Every time you go to class, you are so quiet and so well-behaved, like a small white daisy flower. You don’t like to talk, but your paintings are rich and interesting, which means you see everything in your eyes. Keep it up, Siying, strive to do better!

Qi Ming: You are the youngest in the class, but your level and ability are not inferior to your fellow classmates at all. The teacher is surprised by you every time. You are really amazing. You are sitting more and more, not walking around casually. You have overcome your own problems, which is the most remarkable thing!

Luke: The teacher likes Luke’s loud voice very much. He is always the first to ask for reading. He likes to watch you take a book and read it seriously. He also likes the way you don’t care about anything! Luke, please go on, learn Chinese well, and be a man with both civil and military skills!

Wen Zhujie: Your state this semester is getting better and better, and your pronunciation of words are getting clearer and clearer. Hundreds of tasks per week can be completed on time with the company of parents. In the future study, we must gradually learn how to be stable and become a gentleman.

Younger: I have completed the study plan hundreds of times every time this semester, and I am able to persevere and be commendable. I hope that in my future study and life, I will earnestly comprehend the connotation and spirit of the classics and practice them gradually.

Wang Jiajun: Reading the scriptures this semester made me enter a more conscious state, and gradually learns the principles of being human from the classics. I hope to achieve the unity of knowledge and action in the future study and life.

Head teacher: Cai Yu Teaching Assistant: Cao Hongyan, Lao Wang Participating parents: Lucy Ma, Zhujie’s mother

Hundred Times Award

Parent-Child Class

1. Fan Yanchu The Analects Week 1~11
2. Wang Yiran The Analects Week 1~11
3. Zhao Zhirong The Analects Week 1~6

Mencius Class

1. Jia Jun: Mencius Weeks 1-8, Weeks 11-12; English Classics: Weeks 1-8, Weeks 11-12
2. Liu Qiming: Mencius Week 1-6
3. Wen Zhuge: Mencius Week 3-12
4. Younger: Mencius Week 1-12
5. Yuan Zhe: Mencius Weeks 1-2
6. Yang Hanyue: Mencius Week 2-3; English Classic Week 1-3
7. He Zhuowei: Mencius Week 1-12; English Classic Week 1-12


Analects class

1. Chen Ruiyuan The Analects Week 1~11, English Week 1~12
2. Wang Yiwen The Analects Week 1~11, English Week 1~4, Week 8-9
3. Li Xue The Analects Week 1~4
4. Li Rui The Analects Week 1~4
5. Wang Hanya The Analects Week 1&3
6. Yang Yueyue The Analects 1st~7th week

Moderate Class

1. Lu Xingjia Moderate Week 1~11
2. Shen Jiayin Doctrine Week 1~11
3. Jiang Yiyang Doctrine Week 1~11
4. Du Haojia Golden Mean Week 1~11
5. Wu Yulong Doctrine Week 1-11
6. Wen Chuliang Doctrine Week 3-9
7. Jiang Jiayi Doctrine Week
8. Jiang Jiayue Doctrine of the Mean Week 6, 8 and 9

After that, Ms. Yunxiang led the head teachers of each class to meet with the parents in the small dining room to summarize the overall situation of the semester of this semester and collectively award the Attendance Award and the Good Deed Award.

Attendance Award

1. Parent-child class (3 persons): Zhao Zhirong, Wang Yihan, Wang Yiying
2. The Middle Class (9 places): Li Jingyao, Li Jinghui, Lu Xingjia, Wen Chuliang, Wu Yulong, Jiang Yiyang, Wang Yiran, Wang Yixin, Shen Jiayin
3. Analects class (4 persons): Wang Yiwen, Yang Yueyue, Chen Ruiyuan, Liu Zhenyu
4. Mencius Class (5 people): He Zhuowei, Yuan Dong, Yuan Zhe, Yang Ge, Dong Siying, Wen Zhujie 5. Youth class (1 person): Zhao Tianjiu
6. Parent Growth Class (1 person): Lu Jianming

Award of Good Deeds

1. Wu Yulong: washing clothes, drying clothes
2. Lu Xingjia: Cleaning up, scrambled eggs for father to eat when father is sick
3. Liu Qiming: Making breakfast for mom and dad
4. 5. Yuan Dong, Yuan Zhe: laundry and drying clothes, folding clothes, cleaning
5. Shen Jiayin: Helping many people in the school wash the dishes
6. Liu Zhenyu: Help others, help the weak, have a charity
7. Wang Jiajun: Making breakfast for the whole family, lunch boxes for him and his sister
8. 10. Zhao Tianjiu, Zhao Zhirong: Clean the toilet every week
9. Wang Yiwen: Actively and enthusiastically help teachers clean the classroom
10. Ruan Junwen: Actively and enthusiastically help teachers clean the classroom
11. Yang Yueyue: always helping the teacher with things and loving the students
12. 15. Li Xue and Li Rui: always help teachers clean the classroom and do a lot of housework at home
13. 17. Dong Siying Dong Siyu: My sister takes care of my sister a lot and washes the dishes; my sister insists on reminding her mother to save energy and turn off the lights every day
14. Wang Hanya: Mom is a good helper for cooking and likes to do housework
15. Chen Ruiyuan: Take the initiative to read, consciously preview
16. Ruan Youlan: often help teachers clean the classroom and send snacks
17. Wang Yiran: often help teachers clean the classroom and send snacks
18. Fan Yanchu: often help teachers clean the classroom and send snacks
19. Huang Yueting: Take care of sick mother, fill hot water bottle, help father sweep the snow, and take care of the pet dog at home

There are countless good deeds, bit by bit: some have been said, some have not been said… In the future, we will pay more attention to the collection of good deeds, and promptly affirm and encourage them. Let us create a cycle of goodness here, continue to learn goodness, practice goodness, and persist in goodness