2018 Spring Classes

It was rainy today, but the parents were still enthusiastic and take the children to enter the school.
Each class was ready to summarize the learning of the class and the teacher commented on every student’s learning this semester. Parents also shared their own experience, and each class was awarded a full attendance award, a hundred times certificate award and an attendance award.

Then, Ms. Yunxiang, the founder of Jiqian Academy, led the head teachers of each class to meet with the parents in the small dining room, summarizing the overall situation of the semester and answering questions. The room full of parents listened attentively, and the atmosphere was particularly harmonious.

At the same time, the students also went to the North Hall under the leadership of a teacher to participate in activities. The activities were designed by four teachers from Taiwan. They came to Toronto all the way and contributed to the development of the school for many years. The work and dedication of Taiwan teachers is worth learning, their approachability and their humility as well. We are very thankful for their educational experience. The activity was divided into five parts-peer friend, ultimate bodyguard, memory test, double dragon arch and disciple rule puzzle. The children had a great time, and many children asked for it again.

It was lunchtime by the time the children finished the activities and games, and there were exciting scenes on and off the stage. Yueyue from the new class of Analects of Confucius, took initiative to wash the dishes, like she does everytime she finishes eating. She is very sensible at a young age. The classics learned are used in life. On the stage, Mr. Jerry hosted, and Ms. Yunxiang and Mr. Zhong presented the prize for excellence to the children in the school. In the next program, Ming Sun told stories with his father, Yiyang Jiang played guitar, piano and performed Tai Chi. The final graduation ceremony ended successfully in the beautiful singing of the twins Jiayi and Jiayue.

Thanks to every parent, teacher and classmate who have worked hard for the growth of the school!



Perfect Attendance Award

New Analects Class: Chen Ruiyuan, Yang Yueyue, Wang Qianyi
Intensive Analects Class: Dong Siying Zhao Tianjiu
Mencius Class: Yang Ge Yuan Zhe
Parent-child class: Zhao Zhirong
University class: Wen Zhujie, Wen Chuliang, Jiang Yiyang, Lu Xingjia, Wang Qingyao


Hundred Times Award

Analects Parent-Child Class

1. Zhao Zhirong University 200 filial piety 100 Analects and first to Liren fourth 100
2. Fan Yanchu University 100 Analects and first to the fifth 100
3. Sun Ming 100 times in the first chapter of the Analects
4. Wang Hanya Analects of Confucius and the first to the public rule the fifth 100 times

Intensive Analects

1. Zhao Tianjiu’s disciple rules, three-character classics, thousand-character essays, surnames of a hundred families, upper and lower classics of Zhouyi 100 times, university, 200 times of the mean, 150 times of Analects, Mencius and King Hui, Gongsun Chou, Teng Wengong, Li Lou, Wan Zhang 100 times up and down, 100 times of Selected English Works No. 3-41. (I am very grateful for my child’s persistence after three years of reading the Bible!)
2. Sun Ying, The Doctrine of the Mean 100 times The Analects 1-9 100 times The Hundred Family Names 100 times
3. Du Haojia The Analects of Confucius 1~17 have 100 times for each of the Three Character Sutra 100 times
4. Wu Yulong, 200 times in university, Analects 1-12, 100


Mencius Class

1. Wang Jiajun 120 times for disciples, 100 times for Baijia surnames, 180 times for colleges, 100 times for middle school, 120 times for Analects, Mencius Tengwengong, 100 times for the part from Lou, 100 times for 35 selected English classics. It was also three years of reading the classics, and I found that many places were still missed)
2. Yuan Dong Yuan Zhe University Golden Mean 100 times The Analects of Confucius first, advanced 11th, Yan Yuan12 100 times, Mencius Tengwengong, 100 times away from most of Lou
3. He Zhuowei University 120 times, Doctrine 120 times, Analects 120 times, Mencius Lianghui Wang Zhangju up to Li Lou Zhangju 100 times, Thousand-character essay 100 times, Xiaojing 100 times, English masterpiece selection 3-41 articles 100 times
4. Yange University 100 times, Golden Mean 100 times, Analects 100 times, Mencius Lianghui Wang Zhangju up to Li Lou Zhangju most 100 times

New Analects Class

1. Chen Ruiyuan Gongye Chang 16 to Zihan 30 chapters 100 times; English classics 34-41 recite 100 times
2. Wang Yiwen University 150 times, Golden Mean 120 times, Analects 1st to 9th 100 times, 17 English classics 100 times
3. Ruan Junning “Learning First”, “Wei Zheng Second”, “San Zi Jing” 100 times each
4. Yang Yueyue University 100, Golden Mean 100, Analects 1 to 8, 100 times.
5. Li Xue’s Analects: Chapter 1-Chapter 6, 100 times for each, 34-37 English classics, 100 times for each.
6. Li Rui’s Analects: Chapter 1-Chapter 4, 100 times for each, 34-36 English classics, 100 times for each
7. Huang Yueting’s “University” 170 times, “The Doctrine of the Mean” 104 times, English classics 20 and 24 100 times each, “The Analects” one to five, seven to ten, 100 times each
8. He Qianwei The people who have completed the recitation a hundred times are as follows: “The Analects of Confucius” Gongyechang Chapter 5, paragraph 16 to Zihan Chapter 9. “Selected English Classics” Chapter 34-Chapter 41, sentence 30.
9. Meng Qingsong, 100 filial piety, 100 Analects of Confucius and No. 100 in Zihan.
10. Meng Qingbai, the Analects of Confucius Zihan No. 100.
11. Wang Qianyi, Gongye Chang of Analects 16-19, 100 times, Taibo 16-21, 100 times.


The Great Learning Class

Lv Xingjia Great Learning full text one hundred times
2. Jiang Jiayi Great Learning full text one hundred times
3. Jiang Jiayue Great Learning full text one hundred times
4. Wang Qingyao Great Learning full text one hundred times
5. Jiang Yiyang Great Learning full text one hundred times

Progress Award

The Analects Class: Huang Tianshi Yang Yueyue
Intensive Class: Yao Yingguang
Mencius Class: Wang Jiajun Parent-child class: Fan Yanchu
University class: Lv Xingjia Wang Qingyao
Youth Class: Xu Tianneng