2019 Fall Classes

Summary and comments 9:30-10:30 in the classroom on the second floor (students/parents enter the classroom)
1. Summary of review this semester
2. Issue a comment card / a hundred times certificate award
3. Comment on students, praise and encourage children’s good deeds
4. Introduction to Winter Camp/January Class

Closing ceremony 10:30–12:10 Large classroom on the second floor (everyone gathers together)

1. Opening remarks + speech by the head of the center
2. Film review of this semester
3. Attendance Award 4. One Hundred Times Grand Slam Award
5. Student experience sharing + parent experience sharing
6. Thanks to lunch volunteers + volunteers sharing
7. Thanks to the teachers, volunteers and caring parents of the school
8. Program performance (11 programs)
9. December collective birthday (sending greeting cards + group photo)

Thank you for your perseverance day after day, and hope that the graduation ceremony will leave a good memory for the 2019 autumn class and draw a successful end!

Showcase Video - Semester Review