BeiChen Chinese

Beichen Chinese was formally established in September 2019 and is currently affiliated to the Canadian Classical Culture and Education Foundation, a non-profit charity organization. Beichen Chinese is committed to the practice and development of children’s classics reading education concepts in Chinese and Western cultures, as well as the overseas promotion of classic Chinese classic culture and the improvement of the level of Chinese education in North American Chinese. Currently, it mainly runs weekend reading classes.



Scripture education is an excellent solution for overseas Chinese education. Through the traditional learning method of reading the classics, children can learn Chinese with half the effort during the golden age of memory development, and directly experience and absorb the essence of Chinese culture. At the same time, they can also learn famous Western classics and understand some aspects of Western civilization. Excellent content—inexhaustible and inexhaustible spiritual treasures—are stored in life, laying the foundation for a lifetime of refined and intelligent personality.

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Registration for fall classes of 2020 has begun!

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2019 Graduation Ceremony

Beichen Chinese Merry Christmas in 2019