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Cultural Education

Overseas Parent Discussion


Studying classic culture and the current domestic and international situation

Speaker: Professor Yanfeng Zhao from Peking University
Content: Studying classic culture and the current domestic and international situation

Time: June 9, 2020, Tuesday evening 9:30-11:30
Zoom Conference Number: 854 129 1722


In March 2018, we organized a lecture tour to Canada by Professor Yanfeng Zhao. She is very simple, down-to-earth, and gives ancient and modern lectures at home and abroad. It has aroused many Chinese people’s interest in learning Chinese classics of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. She has a new understanding of the motherland and the situation and opportunities of overseas Chinese under the international situation.


This time we are faced with the drastic changes in the world pattern brought about by the epidemic and the changes in the living environment of overseas Chinese living in foreign countries. How do we walk on this road of self-cultivation and family governance, and how do we maintain it? Do you and your children have a strong and stable heart, and cherish the hard-won life more so as to create greater life value?

Loving-Care Education - The Future of Oceans

What kind of planet do you want to have? Did you know that many people are worried about the increasing number of plastic particles on the planet? How is this increasingly serious plastic pollution crisis affecting our living environment and the next generation? How can we personally make ourselves, others, and our living environment better? We sincerely invite you to study with your relatives and friends, and work hard together to protect the clean marine ecology!

Professor Lin Peng & Teacher Huairen · "Toronto Lectures"


Last October, there was a golden autumn of chrysanthemum yellow and vibrant red maple leaves. On the Saturday afternoon of October 12, 2019, more than 300 people gathered together at the Dajue Toronto Center, the Canadian Classical Culture and Education Foundation and the International Reading Promotion Center to listen to a master-class public lecture on Chinese culture and education by two wise teachers, the watcher of Chinese culture, Peng Lin, a senior professor of the School of Humanities, Tsinghua University and advocate of Chinese and Western classic education, Dr. Yang Mei (Huairen), the principal of Wenli International School.

Teacher Yuling Mao · Teacher & Parent Interaction Association

On June 10, 2018, the long-awaited annual teacher-parent association finally ushered in. There were teachers from the school, colleagues from other schools and parents interested in traditional culture. The invited Teacher Yuling Mao, who had many years of educational experience in Taiwan. The theme she brought to everyone is “Classic Connotation Practice”, and then Teacher Yunxiang also shared a wonderful speech. The theme of her speech was “Me and the World Around Me ” and she told us how to improve the relationship of the five theory in the study of classics.

Professor Yanfeng Zhao · Recitation of Classics & Family Education


Academic background: Professor Zhao is an associate professor at Peking University School of Teaching Chinese as a second language and a master’s supervisor. Her research direction is Chinese culture and cross-cultural studies, and he has given lectures abroad many times. She served as the Chinese director of the Ritsumeikan Confucius Institute in Japan, during which she was awarded by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. At the same time, she was the instructor of Peking University clubs and gave lectures on Chinese culture and Chinese culture to universities, enterprises, and government departments in many places in China, which was well received.

Jiqian School 2017 Scripture Reading Teachers Association

The 3rd Confucian Classics Reading Teachers Association of Jiqian School was successfully held on April 15th. There were about 50 children from the Di Zi Gui Society, Aurora International School, Lexue Private School, Analects Class, Guoxue Society and many parents and teachers who are keen to read classics. They gathered together, learned from each other, and encouraged each other. The atmosphere was very warm.

Zhengyao Pan · What Does Reading the Scriptures Bring Me


At the New Year Parents Meeting, students talked about their growth experiences. Student Zhengyao Pan talked about the experience of reading scriptures from childhood.



On the morning of February 20th, the first parent class after the Spring Festival in Toronto, Canada and Jiqian School, we were fortunate to invite classmate Zhengyao Pan from Dada Xingwen Club to share with you his childhood reading experience, which attracted an audience from Toronto, Waterloo and Oakville. Nearly 60 parents from Pickering, Mississauga, Oshawa and other places came to listen.

Professor Caigui Wang · Toronto Lecture

On April 5th, 2015, Teacher Wang, Teacher Mei Yang and their entourage came to Toronto and successfully held 2 lectures. In the first part, the original plan was for volunteers who read the scriptures to gather in a small area. The plan was to gather no more than 40 people. As soon as the news spread, nearly 100 people actually came. This lecture focused on teachers. In the evening, nearly 800 people came to the main venue and parent-child hall. The scene was very magnificent, and there were close to 100 volunteers. Teacher Wang was also very moved.