Health care and preservation of traditional Chinese medicine Lecture 1

X balance massage method: Prevent COVID-19

Step-by-step acupoint pressing tutorial

Recently, the corona virus is raging, and many patients with mild and moderate symptoms can only be quarantined at home and rely on their own immune system to recover their health. Correct use of Zhou Erjin’s X balance massage method to press relevant acupoints will greatly help the recovery process. The X balance method is simple, and can help to quickly clear the meridians, eliminate waste in the body, enhance immunity and restore health. It is also applicable to other colds and pneumonia. 

We invited traditional medicine enthusiast Mr Tang Guanqun to explain Zhou Erjin’s X balance massage method through a Zoom meeting. 

Sunday, April 26  2:00-4:00 pm
ZOOM ID: 854-129-1722

Who is our audience?

Lecture audiences:

1. Those wanting to learn about information relating to the prevention of COVID 19
2. Pneumonia and COVID patients
3. People with the common flu
4. All traditional medicine enthusiasts


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We advise that you familiarize yourself with the following basic knowledge before the lecture:

1Zhou Erjin’s X balance massage method–the basis of the theory
Zhou Erjin’s X balance massage method–acupoint massage in practice
Sneezing method–ancient remedy that has been tried and tested
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Schematic diagram of selecting acupoints against COVID 19 (applicable to all kinds of colds and pneumonia)
Key ears , lungs, subcortical, sympathetic, anti-asthmatic.
Focusing on hand points, lung trachea, cough points, and asthma points, using these four points alone can play a preventive role, and ear points play a cooperative role.
The lung, subcortex, Shuanghegu, Shuangwaiguan, Shuangquchi, Shuangchengshan, and Shuangchongyang all have the effect of reducing fever.
With chiropractic

Figure 1

Press the hand points on both hands, and take the hand points on both sides: lung, cough and asthma point, trachea, asthma point, front point, head apex, head tilt point, back point, heart, kidney, the number and time of pressing acupoints are not limited.

Figure 2

Chiropractic method

Figure 3