Health care and preservation of traditional Chinese medicine Lecture 2

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 26, teacher Tang Guanqun shared some of his learning experiences when working with Mr. Zhou Erjin, and taught everyone how to find acupuncture points on ears and hands through careful recording of teaching videos. Everyone feels very benefited! In particular, the use of pinching crests to improve immunity, the use of sneezing to remove dampness and coldness, and the treatment of colds, pneumonia, cough and asthma through ear points and hand points are of great help to everyone. 

CFCCE also established the Taihe Chinese Medicine Health Club, hoping to spread the knowledge of Chinese medicine to the public through a series of lectures on Chinese medicine health, and improve everyone’s awareness and understanding of their own bodies, and shift from paying attention to disease to paying attention How to make yourself healthy from the root causes, slowly learn the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine from “treating pre-diseased”! It is hoped that the wisdom of Chinese medicine will no longer be a collection of documents shelved, but into the homes of ordinary people. 

Also welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to us, pay attention to health, pay attention to Taihe Chinese Medicine Health Club! 


Sunday, May 3rd 2:00-4:00 pm

ZOOM ID: 854-129-1722

Next week, on May 3, we will continue to provide you with a lecture on health preservation of Chinese medicine. The lecturer is Mr. Li Xiqin. She will tell you how Chinese medicine analyzes and treats COVID dialectically and how Chinese medicine can help. Li Xiqin; female, 74 years old, is a Chinese retired Chinese encephalologist. She reunited with her son five years ago and immigrated to Canada. She was born into a family of western medicine (maternal line), and went to work as a “barefoot doctor” in the Qinling Mountains of Shaanxi in 1967 during the down to the countryside movement. In 1977, she was admitted to the Medical Department of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and graduated in 1982. She engaged in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 50 years.

Teacher Li Xiqin is also a paper-cutting folk artist. The Chinese medicine prescriptions she cuts are used as application for the Guinness World Records. Teacher Li Xiqin said: “Traditional Chinese medicine cannot directly kill the coronavirus. However, it is certain that it a good effect on patients infected with it. It has a big advantage on targeting individual immunity during the pandemic.” Truthfully, the Western medicine approach deals with viruses and bacteria, and is dedicated to finding the names of viruses and bacteria, vaccines or special medicines, while the traditional Chinese medicine approach deals with a person as a whole and analyzes his symptoms instead of caring about  the specific name of the virus that causes the symptoms. I look forward to meeting again next week to learn the different thinking of Chinese medicine together!