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About Us

Education is the pivot to the rise and fall of humanity.How can we, through education, help more people achieve physical and mental health, happiness, and peace?

The Canadian Foundation for Classical Cultural Education, with five years of history, was founded and registered as a non-profit on April 2019. Keeping Confucian culture and cultivation of the spirit as our core concepts and through the aspects of both physical and mental health, we aim to carry out series of activities relating to healthy eating, organic farming, plastic reduction, tree planting, traditional Chinese medicine, classic literature studies, parent-child relationships, filial piety and care for the elderly, altruism and charity, and more. We hope to transform and unite people’s hearts through education, deliver positivity to society, and promote world peace.

2019 New Maple Show Interview Video

Fall Classes of 2020

Teaching Method: Zoom Online 

Registration Consultant: Ms. Li Zhou 

647-201-5290 | Email:

Sunflower Parents’ Reading Club

Together, let’s study and discuss the methods of parenting and teaching here!

Rejoice in Classics Reading Club
Rejoice in Classics Reading Club The Analects

ChongJian Li Free Online lecture 

To be healthy is to develop good habits. Let us learn Chinese medicine at home from experts!

Children's Classical Education

In order to prevent children born and raised in Canada from becoming “whitewashed” and lose connection to their heritage, a group of parents enthusiastic about charity and education have formed a non-profit mutual aid team in the past few years. They are not only encouraging their own children to read classic Chinese literature, but also working to promote the reading and teaching of Chinese classics in the whole of the GTA. Successively, Jiqian School and Beichen Chinese were established, which has empowered more and more families to unite around the cause of classic education, allowing countless people to begin to get in touch with and understand the classic literature and traditional virtues and wisdom of the Chinese people. 

Jiqian School currently mainly runs weekend reading classes and holiday intensive reading programs (winter camps and summer camps). It is the largest private school in North America that uses traditional recitation methods to teach, and its excellent teaching effects have impacted overseas Chinese people in North America.

Parent-Child Education Products

Online Books Shopping

You can buy books and other educational supplies that help parents learn, including: Classic books: “Xueyong Analects”, “Three Hundred Thousands of Filial Brothers”, “Selected Works of Laozi and Zhuangzi” and “Mencius”. Early education machine: (including Chinese and English classics, Eastern and Western classic music, children’s stories, storytelling, historical stories, popular science stories).
Parents’ awakening: help parents and children to establish deep-seated emotional bonds and realize the mutual growth of parents and children.

Other Great Choice - Borrow Good Books Here

Be kind to the people and demonstrate filial piety. We have a traditional culture library that provides some good books and good book lending services. We hope that more people will understand traditional culture, cultivate their moral character, and promote family harmony. The library has CDs and books on Confucian culture and traditional culture, such as the Four Books and Five Classics, Wang Fengyi, Nan Huaijin Series Books, Chinese picture books for children, stamps on historical and cultural artifacts and ancient paintings, and parent-child education books. Everyone is welcome to borrow books, and you are also welcome to hold small learning exchange activities in the library.

Recent Lectures

Last October, there was a golden autumn of chrysanthemum yellow and maple leaf red. On the Saturday afternoon of October 12, 2019, more than 300 people gathered at the GEBIS Toronto Center, the Canadian Classical Culture and Education Foundation and the International Reading Promotion Center to listen to a master-class public lecture on Chinese culture and education by the following two wise teachers…

Recent Activities

Rejoice in Classics Reading Association

You are invited to join the Rejoice in Classics Reading Association.

Thousands Read The Analects, Unite the Souls of the Chinese. No matter how far we go or how long it takes, our hearts will remain absolutely sincere as Chinese people. Come join our Reading Association and re-experience the impact and purification that classical culture brings to us. Soon after, you will find a better you. 

Parents' Reading Club

Sunflower Parent-Child Paradise: Parents' Reading Club
Are you confused about educating your child?

Are you unable to achieve mutual understanding despite tedious work?

In order to help more parents grow with their children, the Foundation has established a new platform: Sunflower Parent-Child Paradise-Parents’ Reading Club. Here, everyone learns and discusses many positive parenting books to increase our wisdom, prevent and solve the problems of parent-child interaction and communication that we encounter in real life.