Lecture & Training from Teacher Xuejiao Zhuang

At the end of November 2019, there was a whirlwind of activity as Teacher Xuejiao Zhuang came to the GEBIS Toronto Center. The five lectures that Teacher Zhuang gave attracted an audience of nearly 200 people. The teacher from Taiwan has more than 20 years of experience as a psychological counselor, parent-child educator, and with cooking with vegetables. She has been in Taiwan, China, United States and Canada for many years to spread insight in living a positive mental and healthy life. 



She gave over a hundred lectures and trainings, and they have profoundly changed the lives of many people, and even turned their destiny! This time, the Canadian Foundation for Classical Culture and Education was very fortunate to invite her to Toronto for our life coaching workshop training.

Everyone hopes to escape from suffering, but often feel frustrated. In your rushed life, do you also feel powerless and drift along with the flow? Ms. Zhuang started talking from the feeling of powerlessness we often feel, telling us that the solution to the difficult things in life is actually very simple. The question is whether anyone would tell you? Happiness comes from discovery, and discovery comes from wanting. There is an unchanging law in this world. As long as I want something, it will be close to me. But why is reality often so much more than just asking for it? Because “power” is not strong enough. Teacher Zhuang smiled and firmly said, “Enhance your strength! It is not that you are strong, but you are too weak! Energy determines happiness, the key to success!”


When Teacher Zhuang appeared in front of us with vigor, we were immediately infected by the powerful positive energy emanating from her heart. After listening to her training, we were magically inspired and felt that there were new possibilities in our lives. We realized that was possible to surpass our plight.


In hindsight of the fact that we often have headaches and our feet would tire, without comprehensive learning, Ms. Zhuang had taught us from many perspectives the key factors that enhance our “power” and enable us to obtain happiness, such as diet, environment, relationships, feelings, Insights, goals, wealth, etc. When we can get rid of bad eating habits, reject pesticides, chemical fertilizers, additives, genetically modified foods, and choose organic foods, our bodies will get better and better, so we could gain strength.


In terms of interpersonal relations, the teacher tells us to maintain positive emotions. We must learn the concept of grace, see the ability, intentions, and hardships of others; be grateful for their help and benefits to us in the past, present and future, not because of them. Their behavior does not meet our standards nor experience, and constantly complaining about of our physical and mental pain only brings negative energy to ourselves. The consequences can only be powerlessness, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, failure, misfortune and pain.


When we are more and more out of our circles and care for others, about the environment, we change from things being for us to them being for others. From observing often to observing merit, we could free ourselves from having negative feelings of anxiety, fear, and helplessness. Our happiness index will then slowly rise and become a powerful. Teacher Zhuang also emphasized that we must persist in learning, insist on making correct choices, and continue to train our correct insights to make our inner strength stronger! The teacher’s lectures have given us a lot of inspiration!


The audience members actively asked the teacher for advice, and the teacher’s incisive answers repeatedly shocked us, and suddenly we were enlightened. A mother who was suffering from the problem of parent-child education spent 3 hours travelling from afar to seek answers eagerly. After listening to the teacher’s advice and encouragement, she felt relaxed and found hope in life again. Her happiness index reached 95%, it was incredible!


Teacher Zhuang devoted herself to giving lectures for us when she was unwell. In response to the needs of the trainees, she delayed the dismissal of end the class and leave, and added training in the evening. She prepared healthy and delicious fruit tea and hand rolls for our breaks; in order to inspire us to have a healthy diet, the teacher spent several hours cooking nutritious porridge for us in addition to giving the intense lectures. Her love deeply moved us. The participants were excited and experienced the powerful energy bursting out of her great and altruistic goal!



The few days of lectures passed quickly, and everyone was full of rewards. One of the partipants said, “Listening to the your words is better than reading ten years of books!” It turned out that the turn of destiny started with every thought in the present, insisting on using positive thinking, and actively seeking the bright places of hope. The power of the heart will continue to grow, from the past request but not to “everything never waits, everything is only coming for me!” At the end of the course, we had established ourselves as a group of students. We often shared healthy diet information and experiences, some even life changing. We very much hoped that we could apply what we have learned, promote each other, start from the moment, adhere to the power of continuous strong heart, and reverse our destiny! Let us work together hand in hand!


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