Professor Caigui Wang • Toronto Lecture

On April 5th, 2015, Teacher Wang, Teacher Mei Yang and their entourage came to Toronto and successfully held 2 lectures. In the first part, the original plan was for volunteers who read the scriptures to gather in a small area. The plan was to gather no more than 40 people. As soon as the news spread, nearly 100 people actually came. This lecture focused on teachers. In the evening, nearly 800 people came to the main venue and parent-child hall. The scene was very magnificent, and there were close to 100 volunteers. Teacher Wang was also very moved. Inspired by such a warm atmosphere, Teacher Wang’s speech that day was also very wonderful. The second lecture was focused on the public. The Toronto special has become the most spectacular of the more than 30 lectures in the 20 cities in North America. Some people who could not be on site to listen to the lectures listened online through the webcast of overseas reading. All viewers were moved by it!


Part One





Part Two