Reading Club of the Traditional Culture


 We are grateful to everyone for their trust and love to Jiqian School over the past few years, and for sending children to the school to learn Confucian culture. In order to give back to everyone, a traditional culture library is now established to give you more space for activities and opportunities for interaction.



Library Equipment Introduction

Currently, we have all kinds of CDs and books about Confucian culture, children’s painting books, as well as ancient cultural relics donated by Teacher Yunxiang, and ancient painting stamps. Parents are welcome to bring their children to see, and we will learn about history through stamps. We will also introduce some books on traditional Chinese medicine and life.



Giving Our Thanks


In order to enrich our library, everyone responded and thanked Mr. Xiufang Gu for the “Four Books of Nan Huaijin” brought by him from China, which is thousands of miles away. Ms. Mei Sun specially purchased exclusive materials from other schools, and Mr. Yunxiang from The four books and five classics carefully compiled at home.



Support Us


In order to better promote the development of traditional culture and enrich everyone’s spiritual life, we will order some books from different channels. At the same time, we welcome everyone to donate books.

The required donation book categories are as follows:

1) Books on Chinese traditional culture (mainly Confucian, including Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism)

2) Chinese and English children’s books about the transmission of classic culture

3) Parent-child education, children’s education books

4) TCM health care books


Parents who would like to donate books, please contact us, thank you! We will launch some series of activities later, so stay tuned! Thanks again everyone.

Address: 150 North Rivermede Rd, Concord, ON, L4K5B1