Sunflower Parent-Child Paradise: Parents' Reading Club

Are you confused about educating your child?

Are you unable to achieve mutual understanding despite tedious work?


In order to let more people’s lives be inspired by the classics, and after more than 4 years of hard work by the teachers and students of Jiqian School, CFCCE was formally established on April 5, 2019. Its purpose is to study and promote Eastern and Western classic cultures, promote the development of local multiculturalism, build a platform for cultural exchanges between China and Canada, use ancient wisdom to awaken the hearts of modern people, and guide the journey of life with classic values.



Now, in order to help more parents grow with their children, the Foundation has established a new platform: Sunflower Parent-Child Paradise-Parents’ Reading Club. Here, everyone learns and discusses many positive parenting books to increase our wisdom, prevent and solve the problems of parent-child interaction and communication that we encounter in real life.

Learning Method:

Group reading, discussion, sharing, practice


How to Join:

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Books Studied

Lead teacher:

Xiao Lin:
Engaged in the study and research of children and adults’ spiritual education & growth for more than ten years.
1) PhD, Department of Neuroscience, Southern University, Los Angeles, USA
2) Master of Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
3) Bachelor of Medicine, Peking University School of Medicine

Sun Mei:


National Level 2 Psychological Counselor


1) Participated in activities and training of various psychological institutions, such as image dialogue, sand table, hypnosis, family system arrangement, Satya family workshop, etc.

2) Volunteered in psychological institutions such as East China Normal University, gave sand table counseling to autistic children, and psychological counseling to middle school students’ families in Meicun, Wuxi.