Teacher Yuling Mao • Teacher & Parent Interaction Association

On June 10, 2018, the long-awaited annual teacher-parent association finally ushered in. There were teachers from the school, colleagues from other schools and parents interested in traditional culture. The invited Teacher Yuling Mao, who had many years of educational experience in Taiwan. The theme she brought to everyone is “Classic Connotation Practice”, and then Teacher Yunxiang also shared a wonderful speech. The theme of her speech was “Me and the World Around Me ” and she told us how to improve the relationship of the five theory in the study of classics.

Zi said: “Study and learn from time to time, don’t you just say it? It’s not fun to have friends from afar? People don’t know but not stunned, not like a gentleman?” “The Analects of Confucius • Xueer” First What is the learning level?
Second, what kind of friends make you unhappy?

Third, why can people be ignorant but not stunned? The daily old monk said: “To learn the Analects of Confucius, one must first learns from the words, then repeat the in-depth research on the theory, then observe the environment, and generates it in the heart. Naturally, when the state is encountered, we can improve ourselves according to what we have learned: life.
“Reading a thousand times, its meaning is self-evident” means that familiarity does not need to be explained, it is self-knowledge. “Song Zhuxi Zhu Zitong Meng’s Instructions”
Example 1: “To eat, or sit and walk, the elders come first, and the younger ones follow”
The children read it, although there is no explanation, but there is a change in the body and mind, and the classic content appears when facing the mirror.
Example 2: Passes can be changed and returned to nothing. If you conceal it, you will add a guilty one.” “Didzi Guixin”
What to do with children who make mistakes? If there is no concealment of right and wrong and willing to correct, we must help them. Example 3: “List of classics, there are fixed points, after reading and reading, returning to the points” “Disciple Guidance Yu Lifang Wen”
“Don’t choose your diet, eat in moderation, don’t overdo it” “Practitioner Rules” “Get up early in the morning, sleep late at night, it’s easy for old people to come, but at this time” “Disciple Guidance” “Using a character must be clear, and if you don’t ask, you are stealing.”
Teachers must do what they say in the scriptures, otherwise students will not listen, and parents do the same with children.
“Speaking teaches lawsuits, and example teaches you to follow” “Heavens speak for words, four seasons of action, everything is born”-Confucius
Zhenru teacher:
“Endorsement is a practice” In fact, endorsement is a kind of practice, because endorsement must be read over and over again from the mouth, the ears to listen, and the mentality is to follow this sentence over and over again. What is my condition? ? It is the teachings of the saints. At this time, the three karma of body, mouth and mind are all creating good karma. “Endorse together to create a heritage of deep
There were some friends came from afar, and they came to the school to endorse together with everyone. Everyone joins hands in this world to create a person who cuts out evil and cultivates goodness and can pass on a deep and civilized
inheritance, like this. . . Light up the road under your own feet and also light up the road of others, such a person. So be happy!
First of all, in Teacher Mao’s experience and own understanding:
Change your own mind and then influence others. Keep in mind the classic content, don’t be impatient, and keep practicing. We don’t know which day will work, but don’t give up. Whenever he sees himself, it will be very different.


Zhenru teacher:
“Don’t make yourself a 100% strong person, you should teach each other and help each other” In this process, you don’t have to mold yourself into the strongest you can be, you should teach each other and help each other.
To confess to the students who are more true to yourself, you must have a feeling of friendship with your students.
When you encounter difficulties, you can ask your students for help. There is nothing to let go of.
If you want to tell your students what difficulties you have, please everyone to help. At this time, you don’t need to express all your emotions in anger, etc., to create new opposition; on the contrary, you can see that many children are so kind and caring. you.
“A Simple Wish” 62
Cherish the person you are facing, and hope that his life will be more happy and less sorrowful because of you by his side; he will live better because of the suffering of life with you. This is very simple, very simple hope—everyone who meets me, I want to make him happier, and I must work hard to dedicate myself to the relief of others’ lives. “Everyone’s Life is a Book” IV
In the process of contacting people, I found that everyone is really a book. All kinds of karma and all kinds of thoughts form strange lives.
You may be surprised at first, but after a long time, you will find it very rich.
To walk into anyone’s heart, one must be humble. If you are not humble, you will not be able to read it. You must read it very carefully and carefully to understand it. “Give Your Own Fragrance” 10 Like spring is here, All kinds of flowers can bloom,
the most important is I want to offer my fragrance to this world, To be happy for others’ freedom from suffering, Give a part of your strength,
This heart is more precious than anything!
Before each class, let the children be prepared and let them know what to do in this class and our goal.
How to spend more time with children in weekend classes? With limited time and manpower.
1. You can find time after class to communicate with the children’s parents on the phone and care about them;
2. Pray for help from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas;
3. Networking activities for mid-term classes;
We often see garbage, try to see the little flower next to the garbage dump. To be a teacher, one must count and declare without getting tired.
Me and the world around me -How to improve the five relationships in the study of classics
Teacher Yunxiang: Are you happy? Where does happiness come from?
Confucianism summarized the five relationships: monarch and minister, father and son, couple, brother, friend Do it, don’t do it
The Analects: Benevolence-Loyalty and Forgiveness The Analects: The gentleman seeks himself, the villain seeks others
Mencius: If you can’t do it, you can’t ask yourself Seeking others = self-cultivation
University: This means that if you don’t cultivate your body, you can’t keep your family together
The Analects: Cultivation of Oneself and Peace
Moderation: Learning is close to knowing, practicing is close to benevolence, knowing shame is close to courage. Knowing the three, knowing how to cultivate one’s body; knowing how to cultivate one’s body, knowing how to rule others; knowing how to rule one’s own, then knowing how to rule the country.