Weekend Classes

In order to prevent children born and raised in Canada from becoming “whitewashed” and lose connection to their heritage, a group of parents enthusiastic about charity and education have formed a non-profit mutual aid team in the past few years. They are not only encouraging their own children to read classic Chinese literature, but also working to promote the reading and teaching of Chinese classics in the whole of the GTA. Successively, Jiqian School and Beichen Chinese were established, which has empowered more and more families to unite around the cause of classic education, allowing countless people to begin to get in touch with and understand the classic literature and traditional virtues and wisdom of the Chinese people. After a period of fumbling, practice and reflection, we gradually summarized some relatively practical teaching methods by organizing and optimizing teaching methods of the past. Thus, CFCCE’s syllabus for the Chinese language class and the scripture reading class was formulated for teachers and volunteers to reference. One benefits greatly by studying the classics. Not only do classics offer positive worldviews, outlooks, and values, create well-read and cultured families, and teach respect and etiquette, children also learn to read Chinese characters and gain a better command of their language along the way. At the same time, we did not forget to expose children to renowned English classics, be it poems, plays, or book passages. It shows them some excellent content of Western civilization, and helps them gain the understanding that the ancestors of people all across the world shared some wisdom and viewpoints — “great minds think alike”, one could say. We hope that our children will have the virtue of being a “君子”, which exactly echoes the ways of a gentleman called for by the West.


Classic Learning


§  Recitation

§  Etiquette

§  Explanation of the week’s progress

§  Moral education story





§  Chinese words, characters and sentences

§   HSK Level 1-5 Teaching and assessment





Learning Chinese Culture


§  Cultural folklore

§  Idiom store

§  History and geography

§  Famous poems

§  Festival solar terms


Class Setting

Chinese Studies Enlightenment Class

(2+ years old

“Methods of Endorsement in Ancient and Modern Times”, “Di Zi Gui”, “Three Character Classic”, “Book of Commandments”, “Motto”, “Sound and Rhythm Enlightenment”, etc.

Chinese Studies Elementary Class

(5+ years old)


“Di Zi Gui”, “Three Character Classic”, “Classic of Filial Piety”, “Tao De Jing”, “The Analects-Xue Er Pian”, etc.


Chinese Studies Intermediate Class

(7+ years old)


“The Great Learning”, “The Doctrine of the Mean”, “The Analects”

Chinese Studies Advanced Class

(10+ years old)


Excerpts from “Mencius”, excerpts from “Book of Songs”, excerpts from “The Book of Change”

Chinese Studies Through Lectures

(11+ years old)


Combining historical, cultural, and philosophical topics to explain Chinese classics, compare Chinese and Western cultures, and further understand practical classics.

Parent Growth Class

Learning Content


§  Classic recitation methods and methods series

§  Several series of relations in Confucian

§  Care education series


§  Awakening Parents Book Club

Enrollment for Fall Classes of 2020 has begun!

Beichen Chinese

Class TimeEvery Friday from 7:00-8:30 p.m., starting September 

Address: To be given

Jiqian School

Class TimeEvery Saturday from 9:30-11:00 a.m, starting September 

Address: 150 North Rivermede Road, Vaughan, ON

Teaching Method Zoom Online Class

Registration Consultant Ms. Li Zhou 647-201-5290

Email info@cfcce.org