Zhengyao Pan • What Does Reading the Scriptures Bring Me

At the New Year Parents Meeting, students talked about their growth experiences. Student Zhengyao Pan talked about the experience of reading scriptures from childhood.

On the morning of February 20th, the first parent class after the Spring Festival in Toronto, Canada and Jiqian School, we were fortunate to invite classmate Zhengyao Pan from Dada Xingwen Club to share with you his childhood reading experience, which attracted an audience from Toronto, Waterloo and Oakville. Nearly 60 parents from Pickering, Mississauga, Oshawa and other places came to listen.


Zhengyao studied at the University of Toronto. He was a foreign freshman student majoring in Architecture. Since the age of eight, under the insistence of his mother, he had read a large number of scriptures, honestly following the philosophy of Professor Wang. He recited Chinese classics such as “The Analects of Xueyong”, “Selected Works of Laozi and Zhuangzi”,“Mencius”, “The Book of Songs”, “Book of Changes” and other Chinese classics, as well as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Selected English Masterpieces”, and “Summary of English Common Sayings” “, “Little Eros”, “Ode to Joy” and other English classics. At present, classmate Zhengyao is studying in Canada and brought this classic reading style to students in Toronto. He initiated the morning reading activity of “The Analects” which advocated reading the Confucian classics amongst young people. It is gradually influencing some young students to devote themselves to reading the classics. Come join the queue and re-recognize your motherland culture.

While waiting for the discussion, the reading fathers and the reading mothers first read “University” and “The Doctrine of the Mean” together. After that, classmate Zhengyao Pan began to talk about his growth experience. His polite, unhurried style impressed the parents very much, and everyone listened very carefully. He shared how he started to read the scriptures, how he was unwilling to read the scriptures, how he had mobilized the strength of his family’s elders to fight against his mother, and the experience of changing his attitude towards reading the scriptures because of his encounter with a teacher. During the speech, when it came to emotions; many parents shed tears. Everyone must have experienced the unwavering belief of a mother and was deeply moved by it.

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